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Brandon was raised in the small town of Prague in central Oklahoma, where he could be found juggling farm responsibilities, playing sports in school, and hunting. Introduced into hunting by his father, Homer Adams, at an early age, he honed his hunting skills by trial, error, and shooting competitive archery. Since his first deer at age 10, Brandon has harvested mature bucks and big game animals across the world. He is the first recorded hunter to tag all five big game species in his home state of Oklahoma, accomplishing this feat in one fall season, all on camera and all with archery equipment, which you can WATCH HERE.


Being in the hunting industry since 2006 has taught Brandon many things about the art of filming outdoor adventures. His favorite part of the whole process is putting the hunts together and telling a story in post production. Along with having over 10 years of field production experience, he's also been producing and editing outdoor television shows since 2010 including Buckventures & Major League Bowhunter.


He married his wife, Brianne, in the spring of 2009, and have two beautiful daughters, Addison Rae and Brooke Kaylynn. 

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