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Brandon Adams

Growing up in central Oklahoma, B.A. grew up farming, playing sports and being in the outdoors any chance he could. This passion led Brandon in pursuing a career and entering the "outdoor" industry in 2006. Over the years in front of and behind the camera he has experienced many encounters and opportunities, he is the first hunter to ever tag all 5 big game animals in the state of Oklahoma.

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From central Mississippi, John grew up hunting and playing sports in school. After college, J.C. became an entrepreneur but never lost his love for the outdoors and has since traveled the world pursuing big game. Despite loving all things outdoors, his true devotion is with turkey hunting, John has completed two single season World Slams and multiple Grand and Royal Slams.

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Send an email to BA or JC with any video production or hunting related question! No REALLY. . . ANY QUESTION. . . Tell BA his hats are dumb. . . tell him his facial hair is sub par for industry standards. . . Sky's the limit!

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